About Moms Growing Businesses

Welcome to Moms Growing Businesses!

You’re here because you:

  • Want to start and grow a business so you can have something for yourself.
  • Want the flexibility of running your own business so you can design life on your own terms.
  • Have big goals and are determined to accomplish them.
  • Having trouble balancing it all and need some guidance.
  • Want the honest story behind growing an online business because you’re tired of half-truths or people who just want your money.

Welcome, mama – you’re in the right spot.

Moms Growing Businesses is a resource that empowers moms to start and grow businesses so they can live life on their own terms.

Basically, so they can be awesome moms AND have something for themselves.

Disclaimer: There are a lot of online business resources that only tell you half the story (the half they leave out is the important part) and we’re tired of it.

Nothing is sugar-coated here – if you love honesty – welcome.

We’re trying our best to grow this resource into everything you need to be a mom growing an online business.

Sound like a fit for you? Let’s be friends. 🙂

Welcome, Mama…

Either you want to start or you’re busy growing your online business so you can live life on your terms which means you’re going to love this blog.

Moms Growing Businesses is all about helping you start, grow, and meet your online business goals.

You’re working toward having flexibility so you can be around for your kids and never miss any of their Christmas concerts.

But you also want something creative for yourself, am I right?

Being a mom is wonderful but you’re more than that.

I started this site to helps moms join the work at home movement that’s happening now.

Join us?

Just a note in case you’re doubting yourself – you CAN make that business happen and this blog can help guide you so you meet your goals.

You’re just going to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

How It All Started…

So, who am I?

I’m Elaine and I’m going to share a story with you…

Once upon a time, I was a woman who worked way too many hours for someone else and wasn’t happy with the situation (I’m sure you can relate).

I knew there was more to life but, like a lot of people, I floated along, playing it safe and not really doing…anything.

I had big dreams and goals (become an entrepreneur so I can live life my way…) but I really didn’t know HOW to get it all done.

So my dreams remained just that…dreams.

I think that’s the big problem a lot of mom entrepreneurs have – they know what they want, they just don’t know the how to do it part – and that, my friends, will keep you stuck.

I’ve spent a lot of time reading, researching, and learning over the years but for the longest time I didn’t start anything because I wasn’t sure what path to take in my business.

So, back to coasting along in life waiting for that perfect moment or for something to change (yes, I’ve since realized I was the only one who could make a change in life).

Don’t worry, I’m getting to the point of all this…

And then I became a mom…

The morning I found out I was pregnant with my first daughter I was a little shocked.

Okay, fine, I was downright overwhelmed.

(Yes, I was happy too – I’ve always wanted to be a mom).

You see, now it was time to get my act together, no more playing it safe.

The right time was NOW.

 I never wanted to leave my kids for hours every day only to see them for dinner and then put them to bed.

I wanted to BE there for them.

I wanted the flexibility to control how I use my time.

I wanted to have earn money from home so I could be creative because, while I wanted to be a mom, I knew it couldn’t be the only thing I did with my time.

Yes, I had all of this planned in my head BEFORE starting a family, I just didn’t know HOW to get these things done.

So, as I sat on the toilet with a pregnancy test in hand, I knew it was time to roll up my sleeves and figure out how to start and grow a successful online business.

Becoming a mom growing a business…

I have my daughter to thank for kicking me into gear.

Literally the day after finding out we were expecting, I took the plunge and started my business.

Yup, I jumped in headfirst and haven’t looked back.

And, the hard work has paid off…

In the last 3 years, I’ve grown a successful blog AND a service-based business that helps female entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

I successfully left my unfulfilling 9-5 job knowing I will never work for someone else.

So, those are my results but achieving success was anything but easy.

Growing a business while working full time or taking care of your kids is overwhelming.

But that’s what I’m here for – to help you achieve your business goals and show you the how-to of growing an online business.

Let’s get a few things out of the way…

Yes – it’s possible to live a balanced mom life doing what you love to do instead of what you have to do.

Yes – you can grow a business no matter how busy you are or how little money you have to invest.

It’s going to take some discipline and work, so let’s roll up our sleeves and get started, shall we?

I want to empower you to grow your business…

Because that’s my true passion.

Helping other moms realize their entrepreneurial dreams is what I do.

If you’ve wanted to work at home or start your own business but you haven’t been sure of HOW to do it, welcome.

If you’re knee-deep in building a business and life you love, you’ve found your support.

I’m maintaining a resource that helps moms confidently grow businesses from home on their terms.

That resource is this blog – Moms Growing Businesses.

I’m here to empower you to pursue your hopes, dreams, and wishes – because all of them can come true.

Check out Moms Growing Businesses’ mission below to learn more about my promise to you.

Moms Growing Businesses Mission

To help you find the right business or work at home opportunity by doing the research and becoming a useful resource you can rely on.

To help you with the “how-to” of growing a business.

To help you be confident in growing your business.

To empower you on your journey.

To help you realize you CAN do it.

To be a fellow mom entrepreneur growing her business who wants to see you achieve your goals and dreams.

To be as transparent as possible about what works for me and how I think it could help your business.

So glad you’re here, mama. 🙂

What Would YOu like to explore?

Being a mom is a full-time job.

Building a business at the same time is downright exhausting.

Don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

Moms Growing Businesses is all about supporting you on your journey.

Check out our main categories below…

Growing Businesses

Here you will find everything from awesome business ideas to productivity tips to advice about growing your business.


One of the biggest hurdles for growing a successful business is your mindset. It’s something you’ll be continually working on.


Figuring out how to balance it all can be challenging most days. It’s important to tap into the right lifestyle to help you grow.